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Parmigiano Reggiano

Serve these meatballs warm, bathed in their lemon pan juices. Place any leftovers the next day on a bed of baby lettuces. Mediterranean sea salt, fresh black pepper and dried Sicilian oregano blossoms, crushed between the fingertips. read more...
Italian Parsley

You will be delighted with these unusual Sicilian meatballs – they are completely different from the typical Italian version steeped in tomato sauce. Agata makes them all summer in Sicily, and they are just as good in any season. In Sicily they are grilled over a wood fire, but you can use a gas grill or even a ridged cast iron frying pan and get good results. I envelop them in fresh lemon leaves plucked off the lemon trees bordering my mother’s house. Since we don’t have that luxury here, we substituted dried bay leaves. They lend the right delicately pine-y note. These meatballs are usually served as antipasti, but 3 per person would make a nice, light supper accompanied by a delicate salad. Agata suggest mache, watercress, baby spinach and chives bathed in a dressing of extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice and just a touch of honey. read more...
Fresh Rosemary

Here's a lovely, easy rack of lamb preparation for those Saturday nights when you feel like going fancy, but don't feel like going out.
You can prepare the flageolet beans a day ahead to make things even easier.
Some roasted fingerling potatoes are an excellent alternative to the flageolet beans, dressed with good olive oil and sprinkled with rosemary and garlic.

A vegetable side option we always love with lamb is chanterelle mushrooms (if available) sautéed with shallots and garlic and tossed with parboiled French beans.

Serve this meal with a full-bodied red wine, and finish with a luscious chocolate mousse from our Pastry department, or some fried Marcona almonds from Spain plated with sweet dried fruits.
You'll have so much fun, you'll think twice about going out on Saturday nights again. read more...
Fresh Majoram

We have excellent pork here at Agata & Valentina. Both Berkshire pork and our regular high-quality pork yield delicious, juicy results. We think the best way to enjoy the full flavor of pork is to roast the loin while it is still attached to the rack. A luscious, flavorful juice seeps into the meat from the surrounding bones, cartilage and layers of fat. Once you taste pork sliced right off the roasted rack, you will always want your pork chops cooked this way. This is a really easy preparation - just be sure not to overcook. Our homemade veal stock and veal demi-glace help create an excellent pan sauce with very little effort. Blend with our richly flavored homemade chicken stock and swirl in a little butter for extra body. read more...

This is a great party dish. You can prepare the stew in the morning, or even the day before, and it will only improve in flavor. We kept it light by using white wine, lemon zest and herbs, and by keeping the root vegetables to a minimum. Serve it with toasted Ciabatta bread slices brushed with lemon & olive oil. read more...
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