PUBLISHED: Monday, March 08, 2021

Online Edit Order (Frequently Asked Questions)


1.Can I modify my Order after I have submitted and received my order email confirmation?

* Yes you can add to or edit your order by going into your Account and clicking on your order number

* You will see a Edit Order button

* For step by step instructions on how to edit your order (COMMING SOON)

2.Will I be charged twice if I change my order?

* Editing your order recharges the Credit Card you add at checkout but the prior order charge will be voided

3.How Long does it take for the old charge to come off my credit card statement?

* Old order charge takes 2-3 business day to void and fall off pending charge.

* After new order is edit, Both new and old Pre Authorization will show on your pending card transactions.

4.Can I change the date of my delivery or time?

* No you can only add, remove or edit items on your existing order. You can contact our Catering & Home Shopping team at 212-452-0690 ext 1 between the hours of 8am-7pm and they can advise if a change to the date or delivery time can be made and handle it for you.

5.Can I change the shipping address if I made a mistake?

* No but you can contact our catering & home shopping team which can make that change for you at 212-452-0690 ext 1.