PUBLISHED: Sunday, March 07, 2021

General Online Order (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I update my information?
You can click on “My Account” at the top and follow the directions to edit your  Name, Address, Contact Information and Credit Card Information.

2. Do you have nutrition information available for the products you sell?
We do the best that we can to provide nutritional labels to accompany our products.  Any product that does not have nutritional information is currently under development.  For assistance, please feel free to call about your inquiry about nutritional information for a particular item.

3. How do I join your mailing list?
To join our mailing list, click the “Join our Mailing List” link and fill out the appropriate information.

4. Can I suggest new products for you to carry?
Yes you can!  While shopping online, you can include a note to suggest a product that you would like us to carry, or you can e-mail us.  We greatly appreciate your opinions.

5. How do I buy gift cards?
You can buy a In-Store online, to buy a gift card CLICK HERE

6. Is there a return and refund policy for items that I purchase online?
We have a 4-day return policy on items.  Returned items must be accompanied by the purchase receipt.  There are no exceptions.

7. Can I sign up to receive email notifications on special offers?
Yes, follow the steps to join our mailing list to receive exclusive notice of any upcoming in-store and online Promos.

8. Can I opt out at any time?
Yes you can opt out at any time.  Each newsletter e-mail contains a link to opt-out of our mailing list.  Click on this link and follow the steps to finalize the process.

9. Does Agata & Valentina deliver alcohol products?
Yes, we do deliver alcoholic beverages such as beer. However, we adhere to a strict policy in that the customer who placed the order must receive delivery in-person (i.e. cannot have the doorman accept the delivery) and must provide a valid photo identification to receive the delivery. Valid forms of identification include (i) a state-issued driver's license, (ii) a state-issued identification, (iii) a college or university identifiction with date of birth and photograph.

If this did not answer your question or you did not find your question here, please feel free to call us at 212-452-0690.  We will be glad to assist you.