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A GIFT BASKET from Agata & Valentina is an excellent way to offer thanks, congratulations, condolences and even apologies. Filled with the finest specialty products from Sicily and around the world, our gift basket selections are packed to order and will brighten any day with a wide variety of delicious, high quality Agata & Valentina products. Customized gift baskets are available with any of our fine specialty products - selects your own items or let us choose and we will create the perfect gift basket.
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A&V Basic Italian Basket (Large)
Price: $50.00 each
Antipasto Gift Basket, Perishable (Small)
Price: $95.00 each
Il Profumo Di Sicilia, Perishable (Large)
Price: $195.00 each
Chocolate, Fruit & Cheese Indulgence Basket (Med)
Price: $120.00 each
Chocolate Fruit & Cheese Indulgence Basket (Large)
Tomato Sauce Gift Basket
Price: $19.99 each
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