Corporate Gift Program:
Making Corporate Gift Giving Personal & Easy!

Our corporate gift program allows you to fulfill all of your gift giving needs quickly and efficiently.

Take advantage of Agata & Valentina’s gift program to:

-      Send seasonal and birthday gifts to clients or employees on whatever schedule you choose
-      Recognize employee anniversaries and special milestones
-      Implement incentive programs to keep employees motivated
-      Thank customers for their patronage and give them an added incentive to come back

What does our corporate gift program offer you?

Ordering convenience:
We will work with you to create a schedule, with gifts sent according to whatever time table you’d like, whether that’s annually, semi-annually, monthly, etc. Once your gift program has been scheduled, you can sit back, and we’ll ship based on your customized delivery schedule.

Personalized gifts:
Make a lasting impression with your clients, business associates, and employees with thoughtful, personalized gifts that arrive at just the right time.

List management service:
We help coordinate, manage, and keep records of your gift giving needs for one order or multiple orders over a specified time period, so you don’t have to start from scratch each year.

You can send a gift card, choose from a variety of our gift baskets, or customize your own gift! All you have to do is
give us a call at 212.452.0690 ext. 1 and we’ll take care of the rest!